Proud to stand here for my brother in arms.Pavo 25 Years – 25-11-2017 – WesterU…

Proud to stand here for my brother in arms.

Pavo 25 Years – 25-11-2017 – WesterUnie.

Paul knows exactly the tunes to make every crowd go to the extreme and when he does that, he stays cool…. you think… haha… no way!!
When he gets wicked behind the decks..
You know it… you can feel the Pavo vibe when he drops that Multi Groove bass and hits you with the real Delicate Sound of Thunder!!!
To me an example how to be an original artist, sometimes too modest in my opinion but without a doubt always with that recognizable Pavo sound.
He is cool as an artist but also in life, respect for this awesome dj.
It is an honour to be a part of his jubilee, thank you brother… I really can’t wait!

Expect no long breaks from me, No Bullshit this time, just kicks and bass… hard!

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